• Grand Berlin Döner
    Grand Berlin Döner
    Our Grand Berlin Döner - with succulent beef or chicken, piled high with fresh lettuce, tomato, red cabbage and onion with our custom blend of sauces, wrapped up in our crispy flatbread. 
    33.00 AED
  • FaLöve'fel Döner

    Go vegetarian and enjoy our award-winning golden brown falafel with freshly sliced avocado, lettuce, red cabbage, sliced tomato, onion and our blend of spicy, garlic and tahini sauce.

    29.00 AED


  • Classic Chicago Gyros
    Classic Chicago Gyros

    A Classic Chicago Gyro - piles of succulent beef or chicken, simply prepared with fresh tomato, onion and traditional Tzatziki sauce, on a fluffy pita brushed with olive oil and grilled.

    33.00 AED

Platters / Bowls

  • FaLöve'fel Platter
    FaLöve'fel Platter

    Enjoy 6 pcs of our award-winning golden brown falafel with a side of our creamy hummus, fattoush salad, sliced pickles and tortilla bread for a true mediterranean experience!

    37.00 AED
  • Mighty Beef
    Mighty Beef

    Our delectable beef on a bed of vermicelli rice topped with red cabbage, tomato, sweet corn, onion and sliced avocado

    37.00 AED
  • Cravin' Chicken
    Cravin' Chicken

    Succulent chicken with red cabbage, sweet corn, tomato, onion and sliced avocado all on a bed of vermicelli rice

    37.00 AED
  • Arabian Platter
    Arabian Platter

    Your favorite beef or chicken, fattoush salad, sliced pickles and creamy hummus served with a tortilla flatbread.

    37.00 AED
  • Gyros Platter
    Gyros Platter

    Enjoy more of your favorite Classic Gyro sandwich with a platter of our succulent meat, fresh vegetables, slices of fluffy pita and a helping of our traditional Tzatziki sauce.

    37.00 AED
  • Döner Platter
    Döner Platter

    Enjoy a platter of beef or chicken and fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage, served with our custom sauce blend and waffle fries.

    37.00 AED


  • Grand Classic Wrap
    Grand Classic Wrap
    Our wraps are densely packed with succulent beef or chicken and piles of fresh red cabbage, tomato, onion and lettuce for a balanced meal, accompanied by our custom sauce blend.
    33.00 AED
  • FaLöve'fel Wrap
    FaLöve'fel Wrap

    Try our award-winning golden brown falafel with freshly sliced avocado, lettuce, red cabbage, sliced tomato, onion and our blend of spicy, garlic and tahini sauce all wrapped up in a soft tortilla.

    33.00 AED


  • Fattoush Salad

    Our Fresh Fattoush Salad comes with cucumbers, parsely, onions, lettuce, radish and green peppers topped with pitta chips, promegranate seeds and a side of olive oil.

    10.00 AED
  • Fresh Green Salad
    Fresh Green Salad

    Freshly cut lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, carrot, cucumber topped with feta cheese.

    19.00 AED

For Kids

  • Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal
    Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal

    Feed the little ones with 4 delicious chicken nuggets, a side of fries and a drink!

    16.00 AED
  • Cheesy Pizza Kids Meal
    Cheesy Pizza Kids Meal

    Treat the little ones to a cheesy pizza and a drink!

    16.00 AED


  • Hummus

    Cool & Creamy Hummus

    10.00 AED
  • Supreme Fries
    Supreme Fries

     Spice up a classic! Try our original fries topped with red cabbage, jalapeño and our custom blend of sauces

    11.00 AED
  • Original Fries
    Original Fries

    Our classic crispy fries.

    10.00 AED
  • Cheesy Fries
    Cheesy Fries

    Enjoy our classic crispy fries with a delicious helping of cheddar cheese sauce.

    13.00 AED
  • Dönermite Fries
    Dönermite Fries

    A combination of our crispy fries and our BBQ chicken or beef, red cabbage, and custom blend of sauces will surely leave an explosive impression.

    23.00 AED
  • Waffle Fries
    Waffle Fries

    Try something new with our crispy, edgy, crunchy waffle fries.

    11.00 AED
  • Onion Rings
    Onion Rings

    Extra delicious, crispy onion rings.

    11.00 AED
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
    Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

    3 sticks of cheesy Mozzarella sticks breaded and fried to perfection.

    13.00 AED
  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets

    Tender Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs)

    12.00 AED
  • Sweet Corn
    Sweet Corn

    Try our refreshing, juicy, buttery, sweet corn on the cob! 

    10.00 AED


  • Soft Drinks
    Soft Drinks
    7.00 AED
  • Bottle Water
    Bottle Water
    5.00 AED
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
    Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

    Original / Strawberry

    9.00 AED
  • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
    Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
    15.00 AED
  • Smoothies

    All Natural Fruit Smoothies

    19.00 AED

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